Top Pandora/Effy scenes (in no particular order); Requested by a—stark

Effy: Any good?
Pandora: I dunno what you mean. 
Effy:  I mean he’s a sensational fuck, yeah? 
Pandora: There’s a whamma lot of things you don’t know about me, Eff. Just because I’m useless don’t mean that I’m nothing.
Pandora: He’s not the one you want, Eff! See, I know that because I’m your friend but you don’t make enough effort, Eff! I’m just there to laugh at. You don’t know me. My life, my family, my mum. Why don’t you know anything about my mum? I know everything about yours.

Effy: …You’re right. I don’t know anything about your mum.
Pandora: Sorry, okay.
Effy: Yeah.